Friday, August 8, 2008


The seas and oceans of our planet have since time immemorial have been a familiar but mysterious and alien territory for much of human history. Many myths and legends have appeared from age to age to explain many strange and unfamiliar sightings. Seafarers across the ages and from all cultures have spun tales of sea monsters and mermaids.

Well our epoch is no different. I was recently introduced to a very thought provoking modern day mystery from the depths of Aquatica - Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs).

Jules Verne's famous scientific romance “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” opens with an unidentified submerged object moving at great speed terrorizing the sea lanes and many speculating that the strange object was sea monster attacking passenger and cargo ships. The rest of the story you all know.

In James Cameon’s motion picture “The Abyss” an American nuclear attack submarine encounters an unidentified submerged object moving at fantastic speed just prior to its destruction.

Well it appears fiction has caught up with reality or so the producers of the History Channel's The UFO Files will have us believe in one of the latest instalments of the program I had the pleasure of viewing a couple of days ago – Deep Sea UFOs: Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs).

Are these strange and rapidly moving objects the creation of extraterrestrial beings that have colonized our oceans? Are these objects the creation of intelligent terrestrial aliens who have evolved separately in the seas millions of years ago and share this planet with us? Are the descendents of the mythical continent of Atlantis flourishing beneath the waves? Or has a latter day Captain Nemo beat the rest of humanity to the punch and colonized Aquatica, the vast planetary ocean which girdles our world, ahead of us.

If nothing else this episode of the UFO Files proved to be very entertaining. And the alien submarines were awe inspiring. The special effects and graphic designs really caught my attention. And, who would have thought pseudo-science could be so instructive and educational?

There was a segment in the show that discussed a Magnetic Hydrodynamic (MHD) propulsion which I found fascinating.

The program even mentioned the possibility of using bubbles and turbulence to minimize pressure on the hull. Some research along these lines is being discussed in connection to the application of carbon nanotubes in the design of advanced submarines.

Whatever your thoughts on USOs this episode of the UFO Files is worth watching. Like many of these so called mysteries much of what was covered in the program is just too good to be true. Just as in the case of UFOs many of these so called Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs may just be misidentified objects and all the stories surrounding them are the modern equivalent of a tall tale. But, nonetheless I found this programme very intriguing.

The link below to Google Video will take you to the full 45 minute program.


And, if by any chance anyone of our dear readers has had an authentic USO story to tell please share it.

As many of our dear readers who frequent the pages of Discovery Enterprise well know Ralph Buttigieg, Dennis Chamberland and I are currently involved in the Atlantica expeditions First Undersea Colony Project. Who knows? We may indeed find out when we take our first forays into the deep and take up residency there that we are not alone in Aquatica.

Let’s just hope that they (whoever they may be) will welcome us as new citizens of this vast uncharted realm.

Below is the program in its entirety hosted on YouTube along with a follow up program detailing an expedition to follow up these claims.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Physicist Freeman Dyson needs no introduction; his name is synonymous with cutting edge science, space exploration and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Dyson worked on Project Orion from 1957 to 1961, which proposed the possibility of space-flight using nuclear pulse propulsion. A prototype was demonstrated using conventional explosives, but after the signing of the partial nuclear test ban treaty which banned the testing of nuclear weapons other than underground, Project Orion was terminated.

Today on Cosmic Visions I have posted the TED talk filmed in February 2003 and posted in early July featuring Dyson. In this wonderful video Freeman Dyson suggests that we start looking for life on the moons of Jupiter and out past Neptune, in the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud. He talks about what such life would be like and how we might find it.

One of the themes of covered in this talk was also the premise of a very exciting and thought provoking hard science fiction short story by Mike Combs entitled "Eyes, Shining Back from the Dark". The following article “The Reenchantment of the Solar System: A Proposed Search for Local ET’s” by Dr. Gregory Matloff also looks at the fascinating and frightening possibility that spacefaring extraterrestrial civilizations have already begun colonizing our own back yard.