Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Gift of 'Cosmos'

Hello One and All,
In keeping with this Festive and Holiday Season and in commemoration of the 11th Anniversary of Carl Sagan's untimely passing I would like to give each and everyone of you the Gift of 'Cosmos'. This landmark Television Series is available Online from GUBA Free Video to view and enjoy once again for free. Background information concerning this landmark television series can be found on wikipedia.

The following video clip shows Carl Sagan’s introduction of the Cosmic Calendar in the first episode of Cosmos: The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean.

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Dave said...

I was lucky enough to meet Carl a few times, and I supplied some art for COSMOS (book and TV series). He bought, I think, 3 paintings from me: the first 'Bhen' (the green alien, looking at Viking on Mars), an alien radio telescope, and a comet probe. It was an honour to provide the cover for the original A PALE BLUE DOT. He was an amazing man, and his death was a tragedy for all of us.
David A. Hardy